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4 years-Kindergarten

Class meets in Room A-2

A class where young children can learn the truths of the bible through scripture, images, stories and activities.


1st-3rd Grade

Class meets in Room A-4

This class learns about God and how He sent his son to die for us. There are tons of engaging activities used to make sure your children leave more knowledgeable. 

4th-6th Grade

Class meets in Room B-2

Teachers of this class strive to help kids understand the lessons at their level. Many children of this age group have realizations of sin and make decisions of faith so there is emphasis on how to live Christian lives.

7th-12th Grade

Class meets in Room B-7

This is our Youth Group class. They are students from local middle schools and high schools developing better understanding of God's plan for their life under the leadership of our Youth Director.

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Adults 18-40

Class meets in Room B-4

Men and women of various ages in various walks of life striving to learn about and grow closer to Jesus Christ.

Adults 35-55

Class meets in Room A-3

This is a class where brothers and sisters in the faith can mature through bible study, and grow closer in fellowship by spending time together.

Adults 50-70

Class meets in Room B-6


Women 65+

Class meets in Room A-1

Through discussions this class learns and understands more about our purpose and role in God's will.

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