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We think one way to build relationships is through team work. So each week we have a great assortment of games and activities. Not to mention the incredible fun we have.

We want to show kids the importance of worshipping God. It is so powerful to sing and praise him with such a great group.

We are told to serve in the bible, so we decided what better way to teach than to do it. Our first project was cleaning Main Street. There was a great turn-out and the town looks great.

This is the point where our group separates. We want to do the best possible job of teaching our students, so we send the 3rd-6th Graders for one lesson while the 7th-12th have one geared more towards them.

We began ROCC Student Ministry in August 2015. There was already a youth program, but we wanted to refocus on our community and include younger age groups as well. Our realization is that we will never reach our community without loving it and serving it so that has became the goal of this program. We have an amazing time and would love for you to join us.

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